project barendrecht 1

Project Barendrecht : Nederland

Eyot House (Multi Family House) in Bermondsey, London, United Kingdom cladded with A2 (FS-Xtra) in seven RAL colours plus Metallics Graphite Grey and Woods Cherry facade cladding.

Eyot House : Bermondsey, Londen

Renovation and extension of the Betty-Greif school in Pfarrkirchen, Germany with Rockpanel Colours incl. ProtectPlus coating

Betty-Greif school : Pfarrkirchen, Duitsland

Multi-family housing in Winterthur, Switzerland with Rockpanel Colours facade cladding

Multi-family housing : Winterthur, Zwitserland

Case study solangen sweden

Multi-unit housing : Solangen, Zweden

Renovation of a Multi Family Housing in Hannover, Germany with Rockpanel Colours exterior cladding

Mutli-family housing : Hannover, Duitsland

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